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The Best Gap Year Courses for the Best Gap Year Jobs

Written by The Leap on 01 / 12 / 2021

Gap Year Advice

For most people, the one thing in mind when taking a gap year is the idea of travelling the world. But unfortunately for most people, this can’t be done without getting a job. This can sometimes be difficult for unqualified teens… So here are some of the best, cheapest, and most fun qualifications that will help you get jobs both at home and all over the world!

1. iHasco online courses

iHasco is a website that provides 60 minute online courses and exams for basic, but essential qualifications. Because it’s online you can complete this anyware, even on your travels if you decide you need a job. Their courses vary from bar staff training and food hygiene training (great on a CV if you want a job in a pub or bar), to fire awareness training, first aid training and much more. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to check out some of the courses. Each course costs 25 pounds, but for the qualification you get…. it’s definitely worth it

2. Cookery at the Grange

This 4-week cookery course is great for those looking to do either a ski season or working on a boat in the Mediterranean/ Caribbean. Although this is more of an investment (a 4-week course is around £3,500), it almost guarantees you a better-paid job, not just on your gap year but for future jobs too. Also, a cooking course is something that will always be useful in the future - Pippa Middleton said her passion for cooking came from the Grange….

3. Basecamp ski instructor course

Becoming a qualified ski or snowboard instructor will change your ski season experience for life. Not only does it make finding a job in the mountains MUCH easier but also tends to pay more than most chalet staff jobs….and it means you’re on the slopes all day!

Basecamp ski/snowboard instructor courses run in Meribel, France, Banff, Canada and Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand. They run courses from 2 to 10 weeks and offer the opportunity to complete various levels of the BASI/CSIA/NZSIA qualifications (depending which country you’re in and how long your course is). The price for each course varies but tends to be quite high…HOWEVER… these prices provide food, accommodation, great après ski as well as top coaching in some of the nicest resorts in the world. So, it’s actually fantastic value for money.

4. Lifeguard and international training course

Royal Life Saving Society Beach Lifeguard training offers you the chance to become a certified beach and pool lifeguard. This is a great qualification if you plan on working on the coast, for example, Bondi beach, Australia - I can think of worse ways to spend the day… Lifeguard International have courses in the U.K, Spain, France and Ireland and many of the courses offer accommodation and meals. The price varies for each course but with the internationally recognised RLSS qualification, it’s definitely worth the investment!

5. Padi Course

Learning to scuba dive is both a great qualification and a really fun experience…. generally, just a great qualification to have. Not only does it make you more employable if looking to work on a boat or a beach resort, but you also become a certified diver internationally. Who doesn’t want the chance the dive all over the world?

The course itself can be done in three or four days but is generally judged on when the instructor thinks you are confident and capable enough. Prices can vary but each course is generally between 150-250 pounds.

The qualifications and experience you will get from all of these courses will not only help you find jobs both at home and on your gap year, they are also great to have on a CV for the foreseeable future. Not to mention you’ll have a great time doing them!

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