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Coronavirus Update and Lockdown Leaps

Updated: 25 August 2020

Dear Leapers,

We are still here and loving our little staycations.

Update on options for you all....

Costa Rica and Kenya have opened their borders to foreign travel once again and we are ready to mobilise a team as soon as the FCO give us the green light - so get yourself booked on and watch this space. We will be on the first plane out and that's a promise.

The first teams plans to leave in October. Everything have been thought of with regards to the Covid- health criteria so you rest easily that we will lead you through the admin involved and the new risk assessments required.

Take me to Costa Rica

Take me to Kenya

Book early to avoid disappointment is my key message - the surge of booking over the last few months has been overwhelming and helped keep the leap in our step.

So, future Leapers , keep dreaming big - the world will open as fast as it shut down...and we need you more than ever to travel and contribute...especially now when so many communities and projects who rely on us are at breaking point. Programs for January are filling up so don't miss out. We can only send a certain number of volunteers per departure. Costa Rica is already half full. All you need to do is make a booking BUT DO NOT PAY A DEPOSIT - until we know we can definitely go. Simple.

If you're in a muddle, then lets talk through your options. I have gone all high tech and put my diary on line, so book a time and lets start the ball rolling. I love to chat and have been told I can be helpful ...at times, my children don't agree.

Book a consultation with Milly

For Midlife leapers – after all the home schooling you’ll need something to look forward to so turn all your zoom groups into Midlife teams – we can do bespoke or join one our 2021 adventures - just get in touch or bag a place through the website now. Also no deposits required.

For all our Corporate leaps – we are ready to talk in between your zoom conferencing ….We have lots of creative ideas up our sleeve to enhance your CSR and team events both overseas and now in the UK – so let’s start a conversation.

Exciting, international travel is on its way - so don't miss out.

Best wishes,

Milly and Guy

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The world will re-open and you need to be ready...so get on our "wish to travel" lists which put you on our radar and gives you ahead of the game intelligence. All you need to do is book your dream adventure and we will be in touch. No need to pay anything until the world reopens.

See you on the other side.

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To start exploring how to get involved with one of our teams heading out across the globe to make a difference. We have a great team who are on stand by to offer gap year advice, midlife adventures or build a bespoke corporate experience.

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