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Coronavirus Update

Dear Leapers - past, present and future…

So, here we are and lock down has started to ease off... can we sniff freedom?

We can, in all honesty, say that the Leap, like every other company around the world, has been pushed to its limits and Guy and I have been on an emotional roller coaster of shock, anger and sadness as we have grappled with the new reality – we’ve been through many a business challenge over the last 20 years but none of this nature which we have absolutely no control over.

However, as a couple we can do challenge – that is, after all, what underlies all our leap programs and so we are emerging – leaner but so much stronger, focused and utterly determined. Covid-19 – you will not beat us.

As for the "other side" - it will come but it will be different in mindset and the concept of travel a definite privilege. We are already looking at new projects closer to home and indeed at home – so watch this space.

We hope that everyone will travel with a more social and responsible consciousness which will let this magnificent globe of ours continue to heal... we are therefore perfectly placed to help volunteers do just that…

We also believe that everyone will once again value booking their adventure through a company – when the borders open again, we predict a surge as everyone will want to travel with a company who is financially protected and has reliable and influential ground operators to get you out of trouble, if need be. No stranded volunteers on our watch.

So our message today is simple:

We are here for the long haul and this what we have planned:

For our current leapers who are currently on “pause’' – remember we are ready to mobilise should there be a sniff of freedom. If this doesn’t happen pre-university then we will plan some bespoke trips for you all who have had their travel plans put on ice – think big leap here, we’ve got your back and know just what you need.

For our July departures we are not going to cancel until mid June. Our intelligence changes every week and we can move very quickly and even postpone until August. Keep the faith for a while longer.

As for future leapers – keep dreaming big but make your travels count...the world needs you more than ever to travel and contribute...especially now when so many communities and projects who rely on volunteers are hurting. Get your name on our “Wish to Leap list” by filling in a booking form – no deposit required until the world starts to open again.

For Midlife leapers – after all the home schooling you’ll need something to look forward to so turn all your zoom groups into Midlife teams – we can do bespoke or join one our 2021 adventures - just get in touch or bag a place through the website now. Also no deposits required.

For all our Corporate leaps – we are ready to talk in between your zoom conferencing ….we have lots of creative ideas up our sleeve to enhance your CSR and team events both overseas and now in the UK – so let’s start a conversation.

We also want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the lovely messages we have received over the last few weeks – every message helping us build up the leap’s resilience. I have reassured our overseas communities that we will be returning as soon as we can but in the meantime we are all doing our bit by staying at home.

So, stay home, stay well and start planning for the other side for we shall leap again….

Best wishes,

Milly and Guy

PS - you might be interested in volunteering closer to home so we have written a blog with 10 ideas on how you can just that. Coronavirus and volunteering at home.

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The world will re-open and you need to be get on our "wish to travel" lists which put you on our radar and gives you ahead of the game intelligence. All you need to do is book your dream adventure and we will be in touch. No need to pay anything until the world reopens.

See you on the other side.

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