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Covid Update

Dear Leapers

Welcome to the Gap Year Season of 2020/2021

Great news for the new gapper season - the government has reduced the complications involved with overseas travel. As ever we remain poised and nimble with our logistics and we are here to advise and help the gapper of 2021/2022 find responsible travel solutions to Central + South America and Africa either by travelling through our Leap Teams or through Leap VIP - our resource to help the independent gapper. So get in touch.

Reflecting on the last gapper season - wow was it complicated but hugely exciting getting hundreds of gappers away in extreme, travel conditions - becoming official covid travel experts. Our friends in the industry thought we were mad to embark on such a journey but having gapper kids ourselves - doing nothing and sitting back was not a option. But we could not have done this alone - and we were supported and encouraged by positive and gorgeous parents and dynamic gappers - it was a team effort requiring flexibility, trust and kindness. So thank you to everyone for navigating the world with us.

As for the logistics how did we do it? Well, we completed extensive covid risk assessments, only worked with partners who agreed to a full refund, secured covid proof insurance and manged to get the House of Lords to approve our programs as legal reason to travel through lockdown.

So, here we go into the next season, everything is in place - the world is opening up and we advise everyone to start their journey under our umbrella of Leap VIP, so we can guide you out and home safely and responsibly, using our global network of contacts to keep you safe.

Call us at any time to talk this through. Travel right now needs good, honest collaborative conversation.


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For the MidLifer

We are poised to start this again with our first program to Jordon being scripted - keep in touch.

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For all our Corporate leaps – we are ready to talk in between your zoom conferencing. We have lots of creative ideas up our sleeve to enhance your CSR and team events both overseas and now in the UK – so let’s start a conversation.

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Where can I go?

The world is opening and we have started to send gap year Leapers to Costa Rica, Kenya and Namibia.

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To start exploring how to get involved with one of our teams heading out across the globe to make a difference. We have a great team who are on stand by to offer gap year advice, midlife adventures or build a bespoke corporate experience.

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