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Covid Update

Dear Leapers,

So, here we heading out of lock down 4 and into spring. As ever we are being nimble with our logistics and we are here to advise and help the gapper of 2021/2022 find safety-minded, responsible travel solutions either by travelling through our Leap Team programs or through Leap VIP.

How have we done this you might well ask - well, we've pushed hard over the last few months, completing extensive covid risk assessments, are only working with those who will agree to a full refund, (if we can't go), and secured covid proof insurance. As a result we have sent 100's of gappers to volunteer and contribute across the world through the last 6 months. We can now confidently call ourselves "covid travel experts".

However, as you know the FCDO advice highlights the risk of covid and travel - all we can do is minimise the risk by sending teams of volunteers, to live in Leap houses, with leap staff and transport, creating "leap bubbles" for a fun and constructive social dynamic. However, for this to work succesfully, it requires all Leapers to respect the covid rules and protocol to protect themselves and others in their team, never has team work been so important. For more information about our risk assessments click here - We really need every family to discuss this before the Leaper embarks on the journey so everyone feels comfortable with the level of risk, consequences of catching it and respecting your fellow team mates.

Please call us at any time to talk this through. Travel right now needs good, honest collaborative conversation.

So my key message today is this - there are solutions, you just need to to be shown how and where.


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The other thing we have done is create a Leap VIP - a travel advice hub area for all the independent gap year students out there. Mindful that we have to help as no one knows where to go or what to do. This worries us as the gapper of 2021 needs to have confidence and hope - for they can travel, they just need to know how and where.

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If you're in a muddle, then lets talk through your options. I have gone all high tech and put my diary on line, so book a time and lets start the ball rolling. I love to chat and have been told I can be helpful ...at times, my children don't agree.

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For the MidLifer we know 2 weeks of quarantine isn't sustainable for family or work commitments, but as soon as this lifts we will fire up inspirational experiences for you, so keep the dream alive for we will Leap again and keep in touch.

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For all our Corporate leaps – we are ready to talk in between your zoom conferencing. We have lots of creative ideas up our sleeve to enhance your CSR and team events both overseas and now in the UK – so let’s start a conversation.

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Exciting opportunities are possible, you just need a helpful steer to find them.

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Where can I go?

The world is opening and we have started to send gap year Leapers to Costa Rica, Kenya and Namibia.

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To start exploring how to get involved with one of our teams heading out across the globe to make a difference. We have a great team who are on stand by to offer gap year advice, midlife adventures or build a bespoke corporate experience.

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