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Top 10 things to do before you're 20

Written by The Leap on 15 / 06 / 2021

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I know, how can there be a list of top 10 things to do before your 20 and while when we're in a pandemic. We all know the restrictions have felt impossible but as we are on the way to better times let us inspire you.

1. Explore your own country

Yes we work in a travel business and telling you to explore your own doorstep sounds odd no? Think again, we have some amazing experiences we can all do from home. If you're in the UK and fancy a camper van adventure then discover the North Coast 500, a scenic 500 mile road trip across the north coast of Scotland. Think road trip, toasting marshmallows and epic scenery. While you're there explore Hadrian's wall as you walk coast to coast on this UNESCO world heritage site.

2. Change your routine

A change is as good as a holiday they say. Shake it up a bit and try something new that is out of your mundane routine. From trying a new exercise like wild swimming to trying a new good - get out of that rut and see what happens.

3. Wild Camping

Embrace the wilderness and brave wild camping. Pack up a tent (or your camper van if you like the idea of point 1 above) and get off the beaten track. A great way to get hiking and make a few days of it.

4. Travel overseas

There it is - you knew we wouldn't get you on staycations forever. Join us on a team program and let us take you to some of the most far flung places that will be on your bucket list. Fancy saving the turtles in Costa Rica? Browse all our programs here. Fancy independently travelling but not sure how to make it all work seamlessly in these tricky times of COVID? Join Leap VIP and let us show you.

5. Climb a mountain

At home or away you embrace the challenge of mountain climbing. If you fancy one in the UK then get exploring Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Standing proud at 886 metres above sea level it is a tough but glorious climb with many photo opportunities as you go along. Fancy something further afield? We can get you climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya or the volcanoes in Guatemala. Join Leap VIP and take your pick.

6. Couch to 5k

A fun fitness challenge that works you up to be able to run 5k. Set your self the challenge and see how you get on - if nothing else it is a great way to stay active. Discover more here.

7. Get a job

Key to getting all of these adventures ticked off the list is earning the funds to do so. As we all know, our hospitality industry has been battered by COVID, get yourself in there as waiting staff, bar staff and get that travel fund pot going. Browse hospitality jobs here.

8. Do one thing to save the planet

If we all changed just one thing about our behaviour habits we could really help save the planet one by one. From as little as being more sustainable with your clothes for example selling and buying on depop rather than buying fast fashion to taking your re-usable water bottle out with you. If we each changed one thing amazing things will happen.

9. Learn a language

When you go travelling it will help you hugely when it comes to making friends if you can already speak a little of their language. Why not come and learn Spanish with us in Costa Rica?...

10. Go to a festival

Top of lots of bucket lists is getting to a festival. Wether you're after the heady heights of Glastonbury or after something overseas find out which festival are you here.

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