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Combined adventure and contribution

For many Leapers - they know they want their travel experience to combine volunteering projects, with country highlights and various adventures to get them off the beaten track so they be so much more than a backpacker. That's the easy part - now you have to narrow down which program suits you best and is going to deliver the perfect amount of challenge, contribution and joy.

This is where we can help. Our leap team love to talk you through the programs and can reveal the pros and cons of each to make sure you find the perfect fit. To get the ball started we have picked out the key adventure activities, so have a rummage and let us inspire you with what is possible.

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What have you always wanted to do? What is on your gap year, bucket list? Is it learning to scuba dive, learn Spanish, trek to Machu Picchu, find the Lost City or swim with sharks?

Below we have picked out 4 top choices for a gap year. So, have a rummage and see where it takes you. Alternatively give us a call and we can help you narrow it down on 01672 519922.

Add on independent travel

What we are finding is that our teams never want to come home post program and choose to add on a phase of independent travel with their new found friends - certainly making the most of their gap year. We can easily support this through our Leap VIP travel resource which every leaper has access to. Inside you will find 101 travel ides and itineraries to make sure you see the highlights of every country and do it through vetted, safe people. Have a read of the following blogs to get you started.

Alternatively nip over to LEAP VIP to read more about it.

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