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Adventure and Adrenaline

Travelling in itself provides many opportunities for adrenaline spikes...let me tell you haggling at the airport, finding somewhere to stay late at night in a new city or taking your first tuk tuk ride across the streets of Kenya will certainly do it.

But what we are talking about here are the organised adrenaline adventures/activities which we have popped into some of our programs to make the most of the environment you have landed in. For example the Andes, which is the ultimate adventure playground... ...you name it...you can do it ...whitewater rafting, kayaking, swinging through the jungle Tarsan style...book your slot now. Or how about Costa Rica where a surfing course is part of the deal so you can "point break" in style.

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When you are looking at program options - sometimes it is the one extra thing mixed into the itinerary that makes you think - yep, lets do it. All these adventurous-adrenaline-filled-activities are all part of the cost and arranged for you, to keep life simple.

So, have a rummage and get inspired.

Add on independent travel

What we are finding is that our teams never want to come home post program and choose to add on a phase of independent travel with their new found friends - certainly making the most of their gap year. We can easily support this through our Leap VIP travel resource which every leaper has access to. Inside you will find 101 travel ides and itineraries to make sure you see the highlights of every country and do it through vetted, safe people. Have a read of the following blogs to get you started.

Alternatively nip over to LEAP VIP to read more about it.

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