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The world has so much to offer, there are countless cultures to explore, people to meet, music to listen to and foods to try. We clearly embrace all that travelling stands for but we also encourage you to dig a little deeper and start volunteering...we want you to consider heading off the backpacker route to access parts of the country not written up in the lonely planet guide. We want you to find the authentic culture, to learn about their struggles and make lasting friendships in the most random of places.

But how is this possible? Can you just find a bus to take you to a random village who will welcome you in? Sadly not, and this is where our volunteering opportunities step in...

We have travelled the world to find local people who know the offbeat places and know what their struggles are and how they can be addressed if only resources were available....enter our leapers who do just that - volunteering by providing the manpower and finances to turn project ideals into reality, tackling projects in community development, teaching, care and conservation and continue to do so - making a difference as they travel for everyone involved.

What are you looking to do?

We have 2 different types of volunteering experiences. One which is focused on one project only, in one place and the other which involves variety by including a mix of contrasting projects and adventures, but even these have a slant towards either community or conservation. The key is to start with your main it teaching, care, development or conservation that lights your fire?

Below is a selection of best for...

How do you know which is right for you?

You will just know...some leapers come to us with a passion for teaching or kids and want to focus in one place, for the whole time...while others want to try a bit of everything - from conservation and community - for a broader experience. The good news is we are here to help steer you to the right one, starting off with the following blogs...

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