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Little steps bring great change.

Looking beyond the tourist trail is sometimes a hard thing to do as more often than not you will come face to face with many communities who are living hand to mouth, with not very much at all.

Basic facilities, support, care and an education, which we take for granted, are not part of their lives, putting them in a stalemate position with poverty.

Across the countries we work with, we have found some amazing NGOs who provide support and a steadying hand to numerous after-school and rehabilitation centres where life skills focused on health and hygiene and general car, including washing hands and brushing teeth, basic literacy and numeracy skills are hugely valued and delivered by our stream of volunteers.

Community children in Cambodia

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Volunteering with kids is interwoven into all our programs but Cambodia, Costa Rica and Kenya have a greater emphasis on the community interaction. Have a look at the options to find your best fit.

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