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Meet the team behind this gap year company

A gap year company who champions responsible travel

For us it’s all about the why

Overall we want to encourage responsible, sustainable travel, through our volunteering adventures which include projects which make a positive difference to the planet, leaving a legacy we can all be proud of. Leapers are going to be the decision-makers in the future. Participating and learning about conservation and community challenges in different parts of the world, enables these young adults to become ambassadors for positive change.

The Leap is also a gap year company who are passionate about providing programmes that allow personal development, enabling young people to reach and exceed their potential. This requires our Leapers to face mental and physical challenges and work hard in achieving goals whilst improving vital soft skills: budgeting, teamwork, leadership, communication, resilience, compassion, public speaking, overcoming challenges, problem-solving, confidence, and more... skills and values that will benefit them for life. In turn The Leap programmes can be used to add experiences and skills to a CV. Read more about this here.

Honesty, friendliness, compassion, professionalism, helpfulness, empathy, respect, and a sense of humour underpin all we do.

Meet the team

The Leap is an independent, family-owned, experiential gap year travel company, which has sent many thousands of Leapers on award winning overseas volunteering projects across Africa, Asia and South America since 2002.

Behind this dynamic gap year company is a friendly and proffessional leap culture, created by the knowledgeable, caring, and supporting staff both in the UK office and overseas. Wherever you travel to you will feel the 'family' spirit, where everyone goes the extra mile to make sure your experience is fulfilling and positive.


Guy Whitehead

Keeps the show on the road and makes sure we're all on the straight and narrow


Milly Whitehead

Responsible for programme development and Midlife Leap

Operations Executive

Zoë Faulkner

Zoë is responsible for all pre-departure admin

Marketing Guru

Alice McLeod

Alice runs our social media and marketing

Costa Rica

Chris Patterson

Chris, your host in Costa Rica, is passionate about conservation and the environment. Along with his brilliant team Chris will enthuse, inspire and lead you throughout the program.

Costa Rica


Jack is the general manager at Jakera.


Brendan Topp

Brendan and his family will be looking after all our teams in Colombia and will show you life beyond the tourist trail.


Kerri Blumenthal

Kerri is your host in Peru to help get you all the way to Machu Picchu - what she doesn't know about Peru isn't worth knowing.


Tilda Bowden

Tilda is the other half of this dynamic couple who are all about conservation. Tilda helps Milly build the programme and makes sure everyone is happy.


Des Bowden

Des is truly dynamic and has created the marine conservation zone which needs your help.


Hoang Van Dong

Hoang is your guide and local expert in Vietnam. Join him as he leads the way on this northern road trip.

Costa Rica Marine

Georgia & Kat

Founders of Marine Conservation Costa Rica, this dyanmic duo run our Costa Rica Marine programme.

Costa Rica


Peggy is the booking and spanish director.

Our journey so far


Guy & Milly founded The Leap

…on the kitchen table with the assistance of an old green dinosaur Apple Mac. We soon upgraded our technology and moved to the heady heights of our offices in Marlborough.


We Leap into our third continent

From the dusty plains of Africa, we branched out into South America and Asia, providing diverse projects, adventures and challenges in each continent.


Internship programmes introduced

From business and law to teaching and journalism, we start offering opportunities that enable Leapers to gain invaluable work experience whilst travelling off the beaten track.


We sent our 2000th Leaper overseas

Champagne and celebration - we've helped 2000 leapers travel. We begin looking for new countries and projects to meet the needs of the gap year traveller. Cambodia still wins the popularity contest.


£3 million spent overseas

A proud moment; together we've built schools and orphanages, educated children, helped protect endangered wildlife, planted trees and improved health and hygiene in remote communities.


We launched our twelfth destination

This year, we added Cuba, Madagascar, Nepal and The Bahamas to our roster... twelve different countries across four different continents.


We launch Namibia and more to come...

Namibia welcomes our Leapers, Peru comes on board and the lovely Jenny joins our team in Leap Towers - what did we do without her?


Guatemala takes The Leap by storm

Central America is now the new place to go, (apparently, and Guatemala wins the popularity award.) Alice joins us and starts to find even more destinations, so watch this space.


We launch MidLife Leap

9 day trips to Namibia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Madagascar for teams of MidLifers who want to embark on a volunteering adventure. Check out our new website.


Corporate Responsibility Conference

We take our first team of CR directors on a bespoke conference to the Philippines where they will combine strategy meetings with volunteering projects. See what they are up to.


School Expedition

We launch our first school Expedition for Dauntsey’s school to Namibia where they will contribute to the development of a new national park.


Leap VIP

The year of corona and a what year it has been. But not to be beaten - we created Leap VIP to help all gappers find a way to travel and navigate the new rules imposed on us.


We navigated the pandemic

We were one of the very few companies to get gappers away this year through our team Leap programs and Leap VIP, saving the gap year for hundreds of leapers.


Gap Year Association

Re-accredited - full gold star membership.


Celebrate The Leap's 20th Birthday

We celebrate 20 years in business and survived the pandemic.


New Destinations

We bring on new and exciting destinations: Vietnam, Colombia and Peru


Midlife takes off again

The Midlife takes off again with adventures to Sri Lanka, Peru and Colombia.

Tell me more about Midlife Adventures


Corporate Leap

Plans are being made to start taking corporate teams abroad again.

Tell me more about the Corporate Experiences

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