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Project review - a typical year

Making a difference...in a year

What is key, to us and for our Leapers, is that our projects are sustainable, responsible and have a positive impact for all involved. This is an example of what can be achieved in a very short space of time...


Throughout the year Leapers:

Taught communities about local wildlife, invasive plant species, culture and sports.

Continued the leopard study to understand their numbers and migratory routes.

Completed game counts, biodiversity surveys, botanical surveys, bird monitoring to understand the current eco-system.

Constructed hides, dams and watering holes.

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Costa Rica

Throughout the year Leapers:

Created numerous recycling stations on blue flag beaches.

Taught over 100 kids how to surf.

Created 5 new turtle hatcheries, completed nest patrols and data collection, safely releasing 1000's of hatchlings into the ocean.

Planted over 2500 sapling trees on the coastal margins of the forest.

Completed beach, forest and street clean-ups, collecting over 1 million tonnes of plastic for recycling.

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Throughout the year Leapers:

Taught English to the islands communities.

Contributed to the forest conservation of Nosy Komba. The long term research is working to monitor and preserve lemurs, birds and herpetofauna of the island and surveys completed by volunteers are vital to this.

Learnt to dive so they could help the marine researchers with reef conservation.

Planted over 1000 mangrove saplings to help with coastal erosion.

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Throughout the year Leapers:

Lived with the Tsachila community to help with their cacao pod harvest, banana plantations and clearing trails.

On the Galapagos, they helped with the removal of invasive species from the conservation area for the giant tortoise and in the organic garden at Hacienda Tranquilla.

They also helped with the riding therapy for disabled children on the island.

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