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Making a difference...through covid

What is key, to us and for our Leapers, is that our projects are sustainable, responsible and have a positive impact for all involved. During COVID it was more important than ever. Luckily volunteers were granted permission to travel so we really had to make it count as so many communities and environments were suffering and in desperate need of volunteers - this is what our dedicated Leapers achieved in 2020/21.


Battered by COVID Namibia really needed us. They were on the brink of collapse with no volunteers. In come our heroic Leapers:

Taught communities about local wildlife, invasive plant species, culture and sports.

Supported local crafts people

Continued the leopard study to understand their numbers and migratory routes.

Completed game counts, biodiversity surveys, botanical surveys, bird monitoring to understand the current eco-system.

Constructed hides, dams and watering holes.

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Costa Rica

Through COVID times our Leapers saved the day. We even launched 2 new programs Costa Rica Rewilding and Costa Rica Scuba so we could harness all their efforts:

Creating numerous recycling stations on blue flag beaches.

Created a whole new community centre in Qupoes and funded a teacher to attend to teach the local children.

SAVED Natuwa Wildlife Sanctuary from having to put down over 100 endangered animals. This is mind blowing - they were due to close as they had no volunteers or funding and come January 2021 in came our life saving Leapers who kept the sanctuary alive.

Completed beach, forest and street clean-ups, collecting over 1 million tonnes of plastic for recycling.

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Throughout COVID times our volunteers have:

Educated the locals on sustainable fishing practises

Done countless hours of marine conservation efforts to restore and rebuild the coral population

Working alongside local communities to assist with farming and permaculture

Released turtles into the ocean

Teaching the community

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