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In an era dominated by the gig economies like uber and Airbnb, we thought it would be helpful to point out why it pays to book your volunteering project via The Leap or another reputable company, with the aim of making you mindful about the risks of booking direct.

To complete a successful and meaningful gap year, we advise initially following an organised volunteer program in order to become a confident, streetwise traveller.

Booking your volunteer project direct is a much more complex and risky process than hiring a cab on uber and requires far more thought, here's why...

Risks of booking direct

Fake news

You have no idea what you will get on your arrival, it could be a complete fraud, with fake reviews to lure you in.

You have to trust paying a foreign bank account and have no idea if the projects actually cause damage to the communities and local families

Lack of safety

You can’t be certain that the people looking after you have carried out risk assessments or have the skills and qualifications that reach the high standards required in the UK.

Staying in a family homestay? Great, but what background checks have been taken on the adults – you wouldn’t want to live with a person with a violent criminal past.


With potentially no wifi or mobile signal, if you get ill, have an accident or worse need air evacuation you will be on your own and vulnerable.

You and your family will have to sort out a life threatening situation in different time zones and languages, making it an extremely stressful and expensive process.

No protection

You can’t be certain that anything that you have bought will be provided, including other volunteers.

If you have an awful time, who do you complain to, it’s unlikely you are going to want to go to court in a foreign country to get a refund.

Benefits of travelling with The Leap

Our programs cost more than booking direct or using a basic agent for the following reasons, but we believe it’s money well spent. P.s we don't pay any commission for US referrals.

It's a little like taking out an insurance policy, you often don’t value the benefit until you need it.

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