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Right now, more than ever, should you consider traveling under the umbrella of a tour operator, who is financially protected and has reliable and influential ground operators to get you out of trouble, if need be. For fear of bragging we had no stranded volunteers on our watch - all due to the inside knowledge and nibble logistics of our influential ground teams. We will be forever grateful. One team may have taken a 36 hour bus ride to beat a closing border but they made it before the world at large knew there was a problem. Mission accomplished.

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As for the "other side" - it will come but it will be different in mindset and the concept of travel a definite privilege.

We have discussed travel's future landscape with leading travel journalists and other tour operators who agree with our gut feelings that we will travel long haul again, sooner than we think, and there will be an increased demand for responsible travel options.

Globally we are seeing a pent-up demand but there will be a squeeze, a ‘race for a place’ as there will be less supply, for obvious reasons, sadly. A response to this will be crafty, opportunistic scams to satisfy the demand. Alarm bells ringing... which brings us back to the due diligence which will be required before anyone hops on a plane -

So get yourself on our Wish to Leap list, and let us take care of your safety and help you navigate the new travel laws and regulations.

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Post covid-19 lock down we will need to complete a new risk assessment on each program. One of the key questions we need to know is how do the local communities feel? Do they want us back or are they fearful of us?

First come first served

You will be on our radar and will receive country updates before anyone else so you can have first choice of program and departure date, if we need to make changes to chase open borders

Travel Admin

We will take care of the minefield of new laws and regulations for flights,insurance and airport transfers - we will guide you through the new "norm".

Complete Flexibility

You will be able to change dates and programs to take advantage of which countries open up first.

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