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Right now, more than ever, should you consider traveling under the umbrella of a tour operator, who is financially protected and has reliable and influential ground operators to get you out of trouble, if need be.

Back in March 2020 - we had no stranded volunteers on our watch - all due to the inside knowledge and nimble logistics of our influential ground teams. We will be forever grateful.

Throughout 2021 we have responsibly been running a few of our programs in Costa Rica, Kenya and Namibia helping leapers navigate the complexities of covid travel. We can now officially say we are covid travel experts jumping the ever changing hoops thrown at us on a daily basis.

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Travel safely and responsibly

The world is opening up again - indeed we have been sending volunteers away to Costa Rica, Kenya and Namibia throughout the year, having achieved comprehensive post covid-risk assessments for our insurers.

The gap year traveller of 2021 has approached their journey with a more considered and responsible approach. Instead of just hostel hopping, they have stayed longer in one place, met the local communities and contribute in some shape of form to leave a positive footprint.

As one of the few UK gap year companies prepared to take on the challenges of covid -travel, we have seen a pent-up demand, a ‘race for a place’ as there is less supply, for obvious reasons, sadly. A response to this demand for advice and contacts overseas has led us to create a new travel hub for the gapper called LEAP VIP which is a centralised area for the gapper to access hot off the press travel news and gain access to our network of reliable, global gold star contacts.

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Benefits of LEAP VIP

View it as your ticket out of here as it gives you access to:

The Inside Track

Which borders and programs are open and the admin involved to get there.

Global Network

You will have access to our global network of contacts for volunteering, adventure and safety back up. Do not leave home without their addresses.

Travel Admin

We will take care of the minefield of new laws and regulations for flights,insurance and airport transfers - we will guide you through the new "norm".

Complete Flexibility

Use LEAP VIP to reserve our place on a leap program You will be able to change dates and programs to take advantage of which countries open up first.

Benefits of taking The Leap

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Worried about how to travel and plan your gap year through this pandemic?

We can help. We have sent lots of gappers away through the last 10 months and can confidently call ourselves Covid Travel Experts. Get in contact to start the ball rolling.

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