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Written by The Leap on 06 / 10 / 2017

Gap Year Advice

How to survive the January blues

I know January may seem like a while away but it's lurking around the corner waiting to jump out on you.

January is a emotional month. It's the one month in the year where gym memberships increase by 33% (fact) and everyone has such high hopes. However, around the 10th of January those gym memberships are collecting dust and those high hopes?...well, haven't seen them for a while.

Ring true? Well don't be beaten - I'm here to give you a little helping hand in how to stick to plans, while also making sure you don't suffer from the dreaded curse of January blues.

Sort it out, get organised

Don't rely on your memory. Grab a new note pad to scribble all your mad ideas on or just get in sync with your phone. Set dates, reminds, notes and even voice notes. It will allow you to visually see when you can and can't work or meet up for a coffee with your sister from another mister.

Clean regularly. I hate to say it but we all know I'm right. Clean place = clean mind. If you don't believe me then undergo a January clean out. Donate all those old objects, give everything a good hoover and you'll mind will de-clutter just like your home.


Booking a holiday or knowing that you're going travelling gets most people through most thing's. Travelling is good for your soul. Being able to travel is a luxury for most so be sure to you saving up now so you can afford to go to those spot's that you've been ogling at on Instagram. Travelling let's you grow as a person, as people always say you 'find yourself' whilst travelling. The accessibility of the world today mean's that you can go ANYWHERE. So, don't hold back, you have one precious life, don't waste it being jealous of everyone else on social media in the sun. Be the person, on social media, in the sun!

Get immersed into the culture of where you're travelling to. The best way to do this is to volunteer in local communities,to give back to the country you're visiting while really getting to grips what happens beyond the tourist route.

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Beat the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Keep active. Make sure the gym membership card doesn't get dusty. If you can't face the sweaty grind of the gym, don't panic. Join a class, go for a walk around the block. Sign up for a half marathon and force yourself into doing something for a good cause. It all helps towards a more positive outlook on life.

DON'T go on a diet. Ground breaking, I know. Instead, change the Friday night takeout pizza for a homemade pizza. Substitute the unhealthy meals with healthy alternatives. Eat less - more frequently. This increases your metabolism, increasing your inner skinny self, yay! Losing weight, or gaining muscle (whatever works for you) will help improve your outlook on life.


Set goals and make them fun. Having goals for the new year will keep you motivated, but make them realistic.

Similar to setting goals, make a bucket list. For example, on my bucket list I want to meet an elephant and swim with turtles. Write down all the places you want to see, things you want to do etc. But don't just shut the book and forget about them. Set one for each month. If you do it, you'll look back a year today and have a whole lot more interesting memories to talk about.

Date with an elephant?

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Bite the bullet

So, January is your month to bite the bullet and DO IT! Be bold and do it. It will open your eyes to new horizons, leaving your old boring January blues behind for good.

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