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We are the experts who will help you combine off-grid travel, challenge, and contribution

Gap Year Leap

I'm a gap year student seeking advice and direction on how to travel responsibly through this pandemic.

Gap Year Travel

MidLife Leap

I'm a midlifer looking for a short volunteering adventure where I can travel off-grid and contribute.

MidLife Adventures

Corporate Leap

I'm a company looking to develop our responsible business strategy and create bespoke offsite team building experiences.

Corporate Volunteering
A leap team working at the turtle sanctuary on the beach in Costa Rica.

Travel, Challenge and Contribution

Social responsibility is at the heart of all we do

We are passionate about doing our bit and getting other like-minded people onboard to achieve small yet incremental changes, whether you are a gap year student, midlifer, or company. Positive change in small communities happens from the ground up, with small-scale social enterprises helping bring about lasting positive impact.

But it is not just why we do it - the 'how' is equally important as we want our volunteers to travel safely off-grid, see as much as they can, and fully absorb the culture. This is why all our experiences interweave adventure and contrasting projects led by local and professional project NGO's who right now need our help more than ever.

Through our carefully crafted programs we deliver personal growth for all those involved.

Gold Star Service

Covid Admin - going the extra mile

Making sure you are organised and guided through the new covid-travel administration - from QR codes to the right insurance, to border openings.

The Leap Experience

We go the extra mile and don't leave any pandemic stone unturned.

Whether you are a gap year, midlife or corporate traveller, your leap experience will involve team work, sustainable projects, adventure and a gold star service. The Leap has an excellent network of partners overseas helping us travel responsibly and safely. After the last year we can officially say we are pandemic experts - so please get in contact and let us help you navigate your travel plans.

Team Travel

Camaraderie and friendship guaranteed

Our team programs involve a gathering of like-minded spirits who will tackle the challenges and adventures together.

Sustainable Volunteering
Responsible projects

We work with dynamic enterprises who are making a huge difference to communities, environment and wildlife and need us more than ever.

Overseas Network
In-country teams

Through our connections overseas we have great inside knowledge as to where and how we can travel responsibly.

Find your perfect volunteering experience

Gap year, midlife and corporate teams are taking the leap.

We know the world is a new and somewhat scary place at the moment but we have great teams overseas who are feeding us with the latest news from abroad, enabling us to guide everyone in a safety-minded responsible manner.

But what is hugely important to us is that we match expectations so everyone ends up in the right place for them. So start exploring and get in touch.

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"Confidence and reassurance"

Thank you Milly and team for all you have done in giving Gemma the experience of a lifetime. I don't underestimate the complications and issues that you have overcome in getting the group onto this amazing programme during a global pandemic. The confidence you have give Gemma and the reassurance that we have received has been immense and we are recommending you to anyone who will listen!

- Suze Raby

"I can’t think of a better company"

Clementine has just finished her Costa Rican adventure with you and has absolutely loved it. She says it was fantastic from start to finish and the group couldn’t have asked for a better team looking after them led by Chris. The same applies to you too. You have been brilliant from the get-go and nothing seems to have daunted you – ever! Getting the children out there was no mean feat and your ability to switch the programme to Costa Rica from Cuba at such short notice was very impressive. The photo at the beginning was a great touch and you have been incredibly responsive to every query however small. Thank you both for everything, I can’t think of a better company to have used for Clementine’s trip.

- Tania ( mum )

"How fantastic you all are"

We really can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to make this amazing adventure happen, and for all the hand holding for Mimi and us along the way! It’s incredible that they have managed to have as close to normal a gap year as it must be possible to have right now and we are enormously enormously grateful to you and everyone at The Leap who has helped make this happen. Thank you. We have been spreading the good word about how fantastic you all are!

- Selina ( mum )

"Your support is very much appreciated"

We knew in choosing The Leap she was travelling with your ‘safety blanket’ and so it proved. . Rachel at Trailfinders is also just the best. Very best wishes for continued success in such a challenging environment. The Leapers who are able to travel this year owe you and your team lots of gratitude for getting them away (and back!!).

- Anne ( mum )

"Change the course of their lives"

I am filled with admiration at all the trouble you have taken over every detail, so much appreciated when filling in all those damn forms! And it was brilliant that you kept us all (in our case 3 generations!) involved and informed about the changing situation every day. It has been so difficult for this group of 18 year olds unable to do their A levels properly and with all the attendant problems of the pandemic. I think the programmes you are offering may well change the course of their lives not only for the future of the planet but also by giving them opportunities to work hard together at the same time as having fun. Huge thanks and congratulations, I’m telling everyone how fantastic you are!

- Caromy (Grandmother)

"How on earth you have managed to pull this off I don't know!"

But you have all been absolutely incredible. I never could have imagined Charlie being able to take part in such a fantastic project in this, the strangest of years! I have huge admiration in your professionalism and ability to deliver in the toughest of times. Thank you so much, I'm sure the presence of the team will do wonders for the project and wonders for the Team Members..what a fantastic opportunity for them all!!

- Andrew Fairs

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