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Volunteering Adventures Abroad

We are travelling and contributing more than ever, despite these uncertain times.

Sending teams away to support planet-protecting volunteering projects across South America, Africa and Asia.

Perfect for the gap year traveller, midlife adventurer or business looking for a dynamic responsible business solution.

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Gap Year Leap

I'm a gap year student seeking advice and ideas on how to travel safely and responsibly in these uncertain times.

Gap Year Travel

MidLife Leap

I'm a midlifer looking for a short volunteering adventure where I can travel off-grid and contribute.

MidLife Adventures

Corporate Leap

I'm a company looking to develop our responsible business strategy and create bespoke offsite team building experiences.

Corporate Volunteering

Travel, Volunteer and Adventure

We are still here and making a difference

Before March 2020 we delivered unique volunteering travel experiences for gap year, midlife and corporate teams across Africa, Asia and South America. Experiences that you couldn't easily create yourself, pushing you beyond your comfort zone, getting you way off the beaten track and introducing you to planet-protecting projects around the world.

6 months later we are still doing just that, sending Gap Year Leapers to Costa Rica, Namibia and Kenya - to work and volunteer abroad.

For the MidLifer and Corporate teams we know the 2 weeks of quarantine isn't sustainable for family and work commitments, but as soon as this lifts we will fire up inspirational experiences for you, so keep the dream alive for we will Leap again.

We have also created LEAP VIP - a travel hub for everyone to glean hot off the press travel advice to navigate the new world we live in.

Covid safe destinations

In-country teams

Through our connections overseas we have great inside knowledge as to where and how we can travel safely and responsibly.

The Leap Experience

We go the extra mile and don't leave any covid stone unturned.

Whether you are a gap year, midlife or corporate team your leap experience will involve team work, sustainable projects and a personal service. All key ingredients to creating a safe and structured travel bubble.

Team Travel

Camaraderie and friendship guaranteed

All our programs involve a team of like-minded spirits who will tackle the challenges and adventures together in their own safe "bubble".

Sustainable Volunteering
Responsible projects

We work with dynamic enterprises who are making a huge difference to communities, environment and wildlife and need us more than ever.

Personal Service
The extra mile

Making sure you are organised and guided through the new covid-travel administration.

Find your perfect volunteering experience

Gap year, midlife and corporate teams are taking the leap.

We know the world is a new and somewhat scary place at the moment but we have great teams overseas who are feeding us with the latest news from abroad, enabling us to guide everyone safely and responsibly.

But what is hugely important to us is that we match expectations so everyone end up in the right place for them. So start exploring and get in touch.

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Join our Leap VIP to find out how and where to travel to.
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"Thank you for the amazing and unforgettable experience."

Great team and superb organization. Thank you for the amazing and unforgettable experience. I loved Milly’s wonderful positive energy and leadership skills and the teams drive to make this trip a success.

- Dorothé Blake - Finastra

"You guys make it look so easy."

I would highly recommend Leap and their services to all business verticals, you guys make it look so easy. CSR offsite is a tough project as 20+ site leaders from different cultural backgrounds, all across the world gather around for a week under your wings. You guys did an outstanding job – it could not have been better. Thank you for giving all us best memories possible.

- Anand Sasidharan - Finastra

"An unforgettable experience"

I received so much support and positive energy from the team at The Leap; nothing was too much trouble, and contact was maintained by e-mail while I was in Nepal. I started to teach within a couple of days of my arrival, supporting a member of staff. However, within a couple of days I was asked if I wanted to teach on my own. My core subjects were English and maths, but I taught basic hygiene too since there is a lack of understanding amongst the children about germs, hand washing and personal care.

If you want to give your time, skills and energy to a welcoming community, please contact The Leap and opt for a project in Nepal. Like me, you will have an unforgettable experience.

- Keith Donald

" Madagascar leap program SUPERB"

Experience of a lifetime, met people I would never have met and now consider them as my closest friends, gave me a more humble and appreciative view of life and provided me with memories that I can never replace and will never forget.

Highly RECOMMEND!!! (Make sure u like rice and beans and chickens in your room).

- Georgia Burgess

"What an amazing time "

After just arriving back from our boat trip i wanted to mention what an amazing time we experienced during outreach and the dedication and support of the leaders was more than any of us could have asked for.

We really couldn’t have asked for a better itinerary and we are so grateful for the unwavering enthusiasm and encouragment from both Will and Renne our leaders. The food was incredible and the leaders were always willing to make sure all our needs were met, we genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better time.

- Thea Cottrell

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