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About Us

Travel and contribute

Social responsibility is at the heart of all we do.

The overriding challenge facing future generations is to protect the planet and combat global warming. We are passionate about doing our bit and getting other like-minded people onboard to achieve small yet incremental changes, whether you are a gap year student, midlifer or company.

But it is not just why we do it - the 'how' is equally important as we want our volunteers to travel off-grid, see as much as they can and fully absorb the culture. This is why all our experiences interweave adventure and contrasting projects led by local and professional project co-ordinators who right now need our help more than ever.

Children playing in water in Cambodia

A dynamic, caring team.

We have travelled the world and partnered with some of the most inspiring "changers" out there who are doing their bit. Overriding everything is our culture of caring and going the extra mile to exceed expectations. You'll have someone to turn to before, during and after your programme. With regard to our overseas partners... we can't list them all, so here are just a few to give you a flavour.


Guy Whitehead

Keeps the show on the road and specialises in covid admin.


Milly Whitehead

Responsible for program development and Leap VIP.

Africa Guru

Zoe Faulkner

Responsible for getting everyone on the right team in and around Africa

Asia Guru


Alice co-ordinates all the pre-departure admin.

Costa Rica

Chris Patterson

Chris is our Director of Operations for our Plastic Oceans and Adventure programs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica


Meli is the chief organiser at Jakera.

Costa Rica


Peggy is in charge of all the Spanish lessons.

Costa Rica


Kira is the volunteer coordinator responsible for looking after the Adventure Team in Costa Rica.


Des Bowden

Des is truly dynamic and has created the marine conservation zone which needs your help.


Tilda Bowden

Tilda is the other half of this dynamic couple who are all about conservation. Tilda helps Milly build the program and makes sure everyone is happy.


Rachel Riggio

Rachel runs all things Cambodia whilst running her Red Road Foundation


Brendan Topp

Brendand his team run the show for us in Colombia.

How we roll...


Guy & Milly founded The Leap

…on the kitchen table. We soon upgraded our technology and moved to the heady heights of our offices in Marlborough.


Gap Year Assocation + Year Out Group

We are a founding member of the Year Out Group and the first UK company to be accredited by the USA Gap Year Association.


A typical year

Together we build schools, educate children, protect endangered wildlife and plant trees spending over £600,000 per year.

How we do it

Variety and service

We create experiences which combine adventure and sustainable projects with exceptional service.

Team Travel

Like minded leapers

Leap volunteers join a team of like minded spirits, creating great camaraderie.

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