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Corporate Volunteering Experiences Abroad

Addressing the corporate conversations of today about responsible business and employee well being.

We are working with companies to create bespoke volunteering experiences as part of their corporate social responsibility and employee development.

Welcome to 'Corporate Leap'

Over the past 30 years, we have put social responsibility at the heart of everything we do. Working with sustainable conservation and community development projects across the globe, spearheading travel with contribution so everyone can make a positive impact.

We are now helping companies align with these projects as part of their business strategy and taking it one step further by creating “bespoke transformational experiences” around the project.

We galvanize corporate teams to work together, in unique, inspiring and often challenging environments. The effect of nudging someone from their comfort zone and asking them to make a hands-on contribution is a powerful combination. The end result guarantees to strengthen team relationships, break down interpersonal barriers and increases employee performance which will ultimately enhance employee well being.

This winning formula ties together the desire to improve the environment and society whilst providing unique solutions for companies to motivate, congratulate and invigorate their staff.

These corporate volunteering abroad experiences can be used for offsite, employee retention schemes, mental health rebooting, sabbaticals...it is never-ending when creatively approached.

Project connections

Through our global contacts we align companies with exciting relevant, measurable and sustainable projects that the whole company can support and get directly involved with.

It's a win win...

Sustainable Business and Personal Transformations Guaranteed.

Supporting sustainable community and conservation projects is the new benchmark for a successful business. But to combine the investment with a Leap's experiential volunteering experience will improve the well being, team dynamics and engagement of their staff, which will ultimately increase productivity. Everyone benefits.

Employee Engagement

Through our logistical expertise employees can visit and give hands on support to their company project. Seeing and doing being the best way to engage commitment and motivation.

Enhance wellbeing

Our projects are located in stunning environments across the globe which will inspire and rejuvenate, whilst at times be humbling and grounding.

Team building

Through our logistical in-country knowledge we create unique experiences which will take a team out of their comfort zone and be the catalyst for employee growth and personal transformation.

Corporate volunteering - get involved

Through years of working in sustainable development, we have a wide range of grass-root projects, who would welcome the support from a dynamic organisation. Often these projects are community-led and totally rely on volunteers for financial contribution and indeed the manpower to move the project forward. But the act of volunteering goes way beyond this -

For example:

One of our education projects based in Madagascar manages the curriculum, staff, food and facilities for the island schools. They asked us to paint the exterior of a school which had been battered through the cyclone season. A team of 10 ladies, spent a whole day turning this school from a battered grey shell into a pretty pink beacon of hope. This was their feedback:

"We are amazed that people from England even know about us and have chosen to come all this way to make our school a nicer place for us to come to - we feel proud of our school, everyone seems happier, even the teachers and this makes us work harder. We have loved meeting these incredible people from England - they love our country and have made us feel special - we are not isolated or alone."

Simple gestures go along way, and the act of giving and working as a team is powerful, restorative tool.

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