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Projects in the Spotlight

For over 20 years, we have supported inspirational, social and environmental projects around the world, sending teams of volunteers to make a difference. These are just a few to demonstrate the quality and type of projects we are involved with.

Saving the Rhino

Black rhinos are critically endangered. Finding safe havens and the funds for anti-poaching units is key to their protection and ultimate survival. Ian and Jane Craig of Lewa Conservancy in Kenya have done just that. They have identified a strategic area in southern Namibia which is perfect for a protective rhino program.

However, with all significant initiatives come challenges. In this case, the land was formally used as a hunting lodge leaving dangerous debris and skittish, inbred wildlife. Not to be beaten, a semi-permanent camp was built, and The Leap sends teams of volunteers to tackle the tasks required to turn the land back into a healthy ecosystem.

Our Projects

Plastic Oceans

Here we work with a group of community pioneers who are spearheading the fight against plastic on the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica. The peninsular has a Pacific coastline and is, therefore, battling against the plastic which is washed up every day affecting the turtle nests.

On a top-level, they have persuaded Pharrell Williams to build a recycling plant and Bionics to convert the plastic into thread and then into a sustainable line of clothing. The community and Leap volunteers are responsible for building recycling bins, beach cleanups and, of course, turtle conservation. They are an inspiring community force.

Our Projects

Women's Empowerment

We work with a local NGO who supports a women's empowerment group in Fort Kochi. They have encouraged these ladies to make local crafts and help them sell the products to local hotels and tourist shops.

All our volunteers who go here help the ladies with design and packaging and encourage them to take up an online presence through Etsy.

This simple project is a lifeline for these ladies who have never had financial independence or even the confidence to believe that they could.

Our Projects

Fresh Water + Education

Two essential requirements for a good start to life, but for some are a luxury.

In Cambodia, we have supported "the paddy villages" outside Siem Reap where our volunteers build freshwater wells and toilets. Life-changing for the families who live in these villages, but more importantly, it has improved the health of the villagers. Especially the children who are now fitter and stronger and consequently able to attend school.

We also sponsor village schools by sending teachers and materials.

Our Projects

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