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Offsite Conference

Our brief: to create an offsite conference for 35 CSR employees, from their global offices, which would inspire, bond and invigorate.

We crafted a 5-day experiential conference in the Philippines, in the city of Legazpi. The itinerary combined strategy meetings with a hands-on IT community development project in a school which specialises in STEM subjects. Interwoven throughout was culture, adventure and community interaction.

The project was aligned to Finastra's existing social responsibility initiatives, whilst expanding their portfolio of responsibilites, all set in an environment which would encourage positive team dynamics.

Laptop donations, a new IT room, computer training and mentoring being the focus of the community focused project.

Philippines, Legazpi

The 5-day experiential conference included strategy meetings, building an IT schoolroom, a basketball match, quad biking, celebratory dinners, culture and community spirit.


Legazpi, Philippines overview

Legazpi - an IT hub in the Philippines.

The conference was held here as it was relevant to Finastra both in terms of location and industry.

Globally central for all the key attendees, airport was only a 20 min drive from the hotel.

Over the last 10 years Legazpi City has emerged as a hub for international business and IT development, so we had the full support of the Mayor and Director of Tourism.

Legazpi City Science High School is government run and specialises in IT and STEM courses for the brightest children in the district. Great talent is found within the walls of this school but their resources are limited, therefore restricting their progression into local or global careers. Outside sponsorship and support urgently needed.

The Manila office will adopt this school project on a long term basis.

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Marison Hotel Conference base + meetings

Central Location

The conference took place at the Marison Hotel in the centre of Legazpi. This is a new, 4 star hotel punching above its weight on service, style and facilities.

Everyday started with their strategy meetings in the roof top conference rooms, overlooking the stunning Mayon volcano.

All refreshments, snacks and IT equipment pre-arranged. Lunch was in the hotel before the afternoon activities began.

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IT Project Creation of a school IT hub and training

Legazpi City Science High School

This school specialises in ICT and STEM courses for years 12 and 13; however, as with a lot of school in the developing world, their resources are limited. In this case they were lacking an interactive computer lab for efficient teaching and international contacts to inspire the students to look beyond their immediate city.

Computer Lab

Finastra agreed to help create this lab by donating 33 laptops, the materials required for a classroom make over and of course the labour to get the job done. The new Finastra computer lab was created over the course of 2 afternoons. All staff rolled up their sleeves to prepare walls, paint and clean in high temperatures. They worked as a team, delegated and motivated each other to pull this off in the given amount of time. It was immensely satisfying to see the finished product.

Hour Of Code

At the same time, a small group taught the Year 13 students their 'Hour of Code' computer program which is part of the Finastra's SR strategy. It is hoped that these kids will now teach the younger kids the program and skills.

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Team Bonding Activites Basketball + quad biking

Basket Ball Tournament

To start the ball rolling we arranged a basketball tournament to bond the year 12 and 13 students and Finastra staff, breaking down barriers and building friendships. We created 4 mixed teams who all engaged in friendly but highly competitive spirit. It was watched by the whole school and ended with a street style picnic for everyone to sample local delights.

Mayon Volcano Quad Bike Adventure

This team adventure was intertwined into the itinerary so everyone could experience the volcano in all its glory. The team ventured on a challenging 3-hour quad bike adventure through gullies, rivers and padi fields, snaking their way up to the lava wall on the majestic and live Mayon volcano. From there they climbed up the lava wall to get a bird's-eye view of the volcano itself and the stunning coastline, before zip lining back down.

R and R

The final afternoon was spent experiencing a local seafood picnic along the coast, Filipino style. This gave everyone time for fun and refection before their journey home.

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Attention to detail Going the extra mile

The smallest details turn the ordinary into the exceptional.

It would have been easy to eat in the hotel every night and to drive around in a corporate minibus but that's not how we do things.

To really appreciate your surroundings you've go to meet the local people experiencing their food and culture. Therefore, every night, we arranged a magical mystery tour to sample the best restaurants, in the best locations, where the menus would demonstrate the area's finest delicacies and the setting would inspire. Fire dancers, acoustic bands and karaoke all arranged.

Transport was mixed up with the local tricycles and jeepneys to add flavour and culture at every turn. The drivers, being parents of the school kids, were always keen to chat and thank Finastra for their commitment to their school.

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"Thank you for the amazing and unforgettable experience."

Great team and superb organization. Thank you for the amazing and unforgettable experience. I loved Milly’s wonderful positive energy and leadership skills and the team's drive to make this trip a success.

- Dorothé Blake - Finastra

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"You guys make it look so easy."

I would highly recommend the Leap and their services to all business verticals, you guys make it look so easy. CSR offsite is a tough project as 20+ site leaders from different cultural backgrounds, all across the world gather around for a week under your wings. You guys did an outstanding job – it could not have been better. Thank you for giving all us the best memories possible.

- Anand Sasidharan - Finastra

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"The Leap organization is a true gem. "

Our offsite was well organized; it provided time for our conference but it also incorporated time for our group to connect. The Leap thought of everything! From the places we ate, the entertainment, to the welcome bags, all was beautifully executed. Milly and Zoe are exceptional people; they are professional and yet personable at the same time. I felt a true connection with them.

- Debra Hall - Finastra

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"You’ll leave with an experience that changes you.​​"

Traveling with The Leap in the Philippines created a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will be sharing with others for years to come. The Leap takes care of everything so you can fully immerse yourself in the culture of the country and give all your energy to leaving the place you are visiting a little better.

- Kristen Lowder - Finastra

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"Our CSR team bonded..."

Milly and the team were the best organizers and coordinators! We were welcomed right from the moment we reached the airport, up until we bid farewell again at the airport. Our CSR team not only bonded amongst ourselves but also created new friendship with Milly and her associates.

- Rachelle Lingao - Finastra

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Making a difference

The subtle power of contribution.

Throughout Finastra's 5-day experience they managed to touch the hearts and minds of a huge community, who felt honoured and proud that their school had been chosen by a global company.

It was so much more than a gift of computer hardware and an up-cycled computer room. To see 35 international business people fly in from all over the globe, to take an interest in their education and welfare will have lasting effects on this community for years to come.

It also had a profound effect on the Finastra team who donated, contributed and created a lasting legacy. As Jhanelle wrote: 'Community is so much more powerful and effective than charity. It lasts longer and is more sustainable."

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