Coronavirus, lockdown and beyond - reserve your place and confirm when the world opens up again.

Volunteering Adventures

For life after lockdown...

One thing is for sure - travel will be a privilege, so let’s make it count by helping those we meet in faraway lands who need us more than ever. Do this by joining one of our MidLife teams for a bite-sized volunteering adventure which guarantees to invigorate and reboot, just what will be needed when the world allows us to move again.

Explore our adventures and get your name on our 'wish to travel' lists by filling in a booking form and we will be in touch. Simple.

Dust down your rucksack

In our 30 years of working in travel we can honestly say the tsunami-like speed, breadth and depth of this latest global Covid-19 virus is like nothing else we have ever experienced and the industry is being pushed to its limits. Week five of lock down nearly over and like everyone else we are at home toiling the earth with a frenzied determination to make sense of it all.

As for the "other side" - it will come but it will be different in mindset and the concept of travel a definite privilege. We hope that everyone will travel with a more social and responsible conscience which will let this magnificent globe of ours continue to heal and the concept of the Midlife Leap, where you can can travel and contribute, has never been more relavant.

So, our message is simple ' keep the dream alive and have something to look forward to after lockdown.'

For our current MidLife teams who are currently on “pause’' – remember we are ready to mobilise should there be a sniff of freedom and we can postpone dates - we have enormous flexibility.

As for our future MidLifers - we need you more than ever to travel and contribute...especially now when so many communities and projects who rely on volunteers are hurting. Just so you know we are accepting bookings BUT not asking for any deposits until we know how this all unfolds. Get your names on our 'wish to travel' lists early, limited numbers per departure and we predict a surge as everyone will want to travel with a company who has reliable and influential ground operators and who can financially protect your booking. All you need to do is place a normal booking via our website and we will be intouch. Simple.

2021 dates have just come in... so have a read and a rummage...see you there.

Travel as a team

new friends, old friends - all in the mix.

Why we all need a MidLife Leap

Because after lockdown we will all need an adventure to spend time with our friends - new and old to feed the soul and invigorate our well-being. But by combining an adventure with a meaningful contribution, it becomes an even more compelling story. I promise you there is nothing more rewarding than working as a team to make a difference.

Our MidLife Leaps promise to give you...

The feel good factor
Development and adventure intertwined

local NGO's will identify bite-sized projects which we will achieve as a team.

Push the boundaries

both physically and mentally.

Bucket list
Start ticking that list

go fourth and conquer.

Upcoming MidLife Leaps

Limited numbers per adventure and new Leaps will be popping up, so keep nipping back...

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