Empowering MidLife Adventures

So who's up for a different type of challenge? Who's reached that time in their life to start questioning their new cycling kit, another rosé swilling sun lounger or indeed an empty nest?

Join one of our teams for a bite-sized volunteering adventures which guarantee to empower, reset and reboot.

Dust down your rucksack

I say move over gappers - it's time for us MidLifers to shake it up a bit and take charge...the young may think we are past our prime but they seriously need reminding that we were once hardened travellers, living off a few rupees with only a blue airmail to alert families of our well-being. Hostel apps, Snapchat maps - pah! Who needs them? Give us a grid reference and we'll see you there.

So this is the plan...I have persuaded our overseas directors to put together something special for us MidLifers...Simply put: we want comfort and a strong sundowner (of course) but we want a purpose, we want to look at our daily exertion and go - yep - see that - we did it - chalk up the feel good factor. Combined with stunning far away lands, we know we're onto a winner.

2020 dates just come in... so have a rummage, a read and lets go...


Travel as a team

new friends, old friends - all in the mix.

Why we all need a MidLife Leap

Because we all need adventure in our life to heighten our senses, feed the soul, remind us of our limits and invigorate our well-being. But combine adventure with contribution and it becomes an even more powerful story. I promise you there is nothing more rewarding than working as a team to make a difference.

Our MidLife Leaps promise to give you...

The feel good factor
Development and adventure intertwined

local NGO's will identify bite-sized projects which we will achieve as a team.

Push the boundaries

both physically and mentally.

Bucket list
Start ticking that list

go fourth and conquer.

Upcoming MidLife Leaps

Limited numbers per adventure and new Leaps will be popping up, so keep nipping back...

MidLifer Mutterings
All you need for Christmas is a MidLife Leap
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