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Who takes a MidLife Leap?

All shapes and sizes...

Lots of you - coming together for a hundred and one reasons, but you neatly slot into 2 types.

The Independent MidLifer

Who is happy to join a trip, knowing no one or maybe drags a friend along. This MidLifer is brave, gutsy and going to embrace the challenges ahead. They are not going to let work, family logistics or fear of the unknown get in the way - procrastination is going to be batted away.

The Bespoke MidLifer

This MidLifer is a team co-ordinator at heart and is going to bang the drum within their friendship group and create their own team and itinerary. Think big birthdays and reunions. They especially miss their friends of old who may live all over the world. They see this as an opportunity to gather the team and do something exceptional - catching up as the team travels and achieves.

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