FAQ's + Midlife Quiz to help you find your perfect adventure

FAQs + Midlife Quiz

Game-Changing Midlife Adventures

Which promise to invigorate, reboot and inspire.

It's time to dust down your rucksack and embark on an adventure which promises to invigorate, reboot and inspire as we take you off the beaten track to meet local communities, contribute to development projects and conquer bite-sized challenges.

Through this unique combination of culture, contribution and challenge you will high five your inner self, fuel your mojo and return home enriched with a guaranteed sense of achievement. And that’s a promise.

The Leap - who are we?

The Leap has been organising gap year adventures for nearly 20 years, with our overseas partners who spearhead inspiring development projects. It’s through their local knowledge which enables us to put together our unique itineraries, through which everyone experiences authentic local culture, hidden gems and making a life-changing contribution.

Where did the Midlife Leap inspiration come from?

I, Milly, hit 50 and, as I quietly (promise) reached for the HRT and 101 supplements, all my friends started signing up for various retreats or challenges. I thought, ‘hold on a sec, we’re all still young, embracing change and nailing challenges so, why can’t we give ourselves that sense of adventure and achievement that we give our gap year teams (and own children).’ And just like that...Midlife Leap was born.

Now I lead, encourage, and organise teams of Midlifers to venture around the world, nailing their bucket list in an organised bubble of ‘sisterhood’ which invites camaraderie, laughter, and friendship bracelets. A true tonic and just what we need in midlife. So, I invite you to join a scheduled departure or go bespoke by choosing your own dates, and team of friends (min 8). Our current scheduled adventures are heading to Sri Lanka, Peru, Costa Rica, and Colombia (Kenya imminent).

Find your perfect fit with our:

Oh, and the best bit is... once you get to the airport you can literally switch off as we take over the logistics.

It’s time, fellow Midlifers, to try something a little different. See you there.

Milly the Midlifer

Team size, average age, all female?

The average team size if between 10 and 12 made up of Midlifers who come on their own or with a friend of two. The typical age range is between 50 - 70, the key being mindset, and being physically confident to tackle the challenges head on. So far the teams have been made up of women who want an adventure, and happy to leave their other half watching the telly, or is that just me?

However, we have been curating private, bespoke adventures for families of mixed ages and sexes so get in touch if this more your bag. Minimum number of 8 so you capture the team vibe which is an essential part of the Leap experience.

Challenge and creature comforts?

The key is find your perfect fit which is where are quick quiz comes in, and a call to me, Milly, who has experienced them all to give first hand feedback on the level of challenge in each one. Challenge comes in all sorts of guises - for some it is the physical challenge included like the Macchu Picchu trek and for others it might be the accommodation and creature comforts available.

I so understand this and it is vital for us to help you find your perfect fit so you return home empowered and not broken by the balance of challenge. FYI As far as creature comforts go Sri Lanka is the top contender for out of this world setting.

Logistics - flights, insurance, injections?

The beauty of a Midlifer is we take all the logistics off your plate. When you touch down on your adventure you do not have to think about anything as we guide you every step of the way.

Pre-departure, we also advise you on what flight to book, insurance, which injections and what to pack. For many Midlifers this is one of the highlights of the trip as we take the "in charge" role off everyone's shoulders.

More about Midlife Leap...

It's time to take your Midlife Leap

Honestly we all have the same worries...The main stumbling blocks are often related to how does one choose the right destination, am I fit enough, and can I really sign up with a group of people I have never met before? The answer is yes - you're in safe hands and we will support your 'Midlife Leap' as you fill the fridge and head out to do something for yourself.

We know you can do it, and the rewards are so worth it, so get in touch to start the ball rolling.

Opt in below to help us keep track of your MidLife travel planning so each time you talk to us you can pick up where you left off.

Yes please, let's keep life simple.