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Here at The Leap, we specialise in team volunteering adventures around the globe, and the focus right now is on summer, and making sure school leavers, gap year and first year uni students are planning a fun, productive and CV friendly adventure.

All possible through our 4-week programmes, which combine a dynamic mix of volunteering, exploring and adventure experienced with a team of like minded travellers guaranteeing a fun social scene, a sense of satisfaction from making a difference to conservation and community projects whilst testing your resilience, teamwork and communication skills, adding sparkle to that all essential CV or personal statement.

So, is it the wildlife of Costa Rica, the stunning beaches in Kenya or the Lost City in Colombia that catches your imagination?

May: Costa Rica Adventure

Departs: 9th May 2024 for 4 weeks

4 weeks, 4 locations. If you're looking for an action-packed 4-week summer programme in one of the world's most beautiful and bio-diverse countries then look no further. During this trip you will zip through the canopies of the Cloud Forest, volunteer your time and manpower in a local community centre, surf on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, help in an animal rescue, and explore the stunning natural scenery.This adventure combines bucket list destinations with off-grid gems away from the tourist trail.

This is the perfect bite-sized summer volunteering programme for someone wanting adventure mixed with community and environmental projects; all in a buzzy team of like-minded people.

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beach in colombia

May: Colombia

Departs 23rd May 2024 for 4 weeks

2 phases - 4 weeks - you will be shown the real Colombia through the eyes of our local team who will immerse you in authentic culture, teach you conversational Spanish, help you complete life-changing community projects, before trekking through the jungle to reach the famous Lost City, chilling out on Caribbean beaches and white water rafting down the thundering rivers. If you happen to be either post-ski season or you finish up from first year of uni nice and early then Colombia is the place to go as you trade the snow for some sunshine.

Colombia remains tricky to travel around solo, so joining a team programme takes the stress out of the planning, and provides a group of friends to potentially onward travel with post-programme.

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Summer Volunteering Programmes Abroad

June: Costa Rica Plastic Oceans

Departs 9th June 2024 for 5 weeks

4 phases, 5 weeks. The ever-popular Costa Rica Plastic Oceans programme is community led and focus on finding unique and dynamic solutions to combat the plastic washed up on the beaches which is a relentless battle. From beach clean ups to the creation of recycling stations, to turning micro plastics into stylish homeware - you will see how impactful community collaboration can be. You will also experience working at two turtle sanctuaries where you will with hatchery maintenance and nest relocation. Combining vital volunteering with off-grid adventures, this trip is a winner and hits all the bucket list items a gapper needs to see in Costa Rica.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to experience the buzz of life in Santa Teresa - a place world-famous for its beaches and laid-back vibe - whilst also helping with vital volunteering projects, all in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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Summer Volunteering Programmes Abroad

July: Costa Rica Adventure

Departs 11th July 2024 for 4 weeks

If you're wanting to see all of Costa Rica's highlights in one exciting trip then Costa Rica Adventure is the one for you. You'll have four action-packed phases in four different locations, including Monteverde Cloud Forest, turtle sanctuaries, and community volunteering. You'll truly get to see the full range of locations and experiences that Costa Rica has to offer, all whilst giving something back.

Expect a big, buzzy team for this one, July programmes often get booked up quickly so don't leave booking until the last minute as the waiting list is not where your summer should be spent.

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beach in colombia

July: Kenya

Departs 17th July 2024 for 4 weeks

4 weeks, 3 epic phases. Spend 4 weeks on the stunning Kenya coast where you'll be working on marine projects focusing on coral reef regeneration in the marine protected area of Kuruwitu lagoon. From coral gardening to collecting data on fish populations, you'll be rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on experience with our charity partners, the Oceans Alive trust. Combine beach and bush as you see the diverse wildlife both in and out of the ocean while you embark on a safari. Trust us, this project is genius and is ever-evolving.

You'll also be helping with community projects aimed at helping local people move away from reliance on fishing. This is the kind of experience you can't get on your own - perfect for a summer adventure.

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Summer Volunteering Programmes Abroad

September: Kenya

Departs 1st September 2024 for 3 weeks

The Kenya programme you know and love but an express version. We are offering a new 3-week adventure to Kenya post-exam results day but before most universities go back. This immersive itinerary will combine marine conservation and community development based beach-side on the stunning Indian Ocean. Here you will be working with Oceans Alive to bring about positive change to their sustainable projects.

Perfect NGO partners, weather and location to host a dynamic and satisfying volunteering experience where you will make a difference whilst exploring, heading out on safari, and watching the sun go down as you sail along in a majestic dhow.

Perfect for anyone studying marine biology, geography, or with an interest in experiencing new cultures and experiences

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Summer Volunteering Programmes Abroad

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