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Protect The Planet

The Bigger Picture

Helping Leapers travel responsibly is at the core of what we do (or to use a fancy name our ‘Environmental Social Purpose Governance (ESG)’. We want our Leapers to explore the world yet leave it a better a place by contributing to our planet protecting programs.

Through our programs we protect, restore and fund the environments our Leapers travel to.


Did you know: “200 species go extinct everyday”.

In Kenya, you will help educate the fisherman on more sustainable fishing practices, develop their farming practices, teach the community about conservation whilst restoring the coral reefs.

In Costa Rica, you will identify turtle nests and protect them from human and natural predators. Furthermore, you will help the local community with the fight against plastic littered along the pacific beaches.

In Cambodia you will help protect rescued elephants and help a local NGO with their creative recycling projects.

Protect The Planet


Did you know: “the rate of deforestation occurs at 30 football fields a minute”...

In the Cambodia you will plant mangrove trees to help restore natural sea defenses, protecting the coast line from rising sea levels.

In Colombia you will teach the local community about the effects of deforestation, as well as the ways to protect and restore their local environment.

In Kenya you will assist with marine conservation and plastic pollution.

Protect The Planet


Did you know: In a typical year we spend over half a million on projects overseas.

The price you pay for a trip is temporary, the value of your help to the environment is permanent...

“we need to stop funding things that destroy nature and start funding things that restore it” – Greta Thunberg

Protect The Planet

Carbon Offset

One of the questions we get asked all the time is how can we offset our flights. Well, when it is possible (right time of year) - our teams will plant trees or mangroves.

Lots of trees, saplings or mangroves will be planted by you during your adventure and if the season is to dry then the next group will do it on your behalf. We aim to plant 5 - 10 for every Leaper.

We also support 2 marine programs - in Kenya and Costa Rica which are solely focused on reef regeneration. Our teams are involved in coral gardening on a daily basis.

Protect The Planet

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