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The underwater world

So picture this...tank on your back, weightless, underwater and silence...the only sound is that of your breathing and you're surrounded by vivid, technicolor reefs with Nemo and Dory scooting about...sun light streaming through to highlight the intricate colours and what lies within. Sounding good?

Scuba diving is the best way to experience the underwater world in all its glory and the glory does still exist... in hidden places, tucked away from the crowds, but not forever as global warming is out of control.

Scientist believe that global warming is causing 'coral bleaching', caused when the seawater reaches above-average temperatures, causing the polypus to expel the algae that live in their tissues. Without 90% of energy generated by the algae, the coral begins to starve, turning white. This is disastrous considering they hold 25% of all marine biodiversity in the world. Official figures claim that in 2016 bleaching killed between 29-50% of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef, and it’s not improving anytime soon.

A sense of urgency is upon us to earn our scuba stripes so we can see these underwater worlds before they diasppear and if we are lucky you can combine scuba with marine conservation to do your bit. So get your scuba skates on!

Where are you looking to go?

Madagascar has a built in scuba program so you can train right up to advanced level, setting you up so you can help with their marine conservation projects, doing your bit for the blue planet. South Africa is our dedicated scuba program for those who really want to perfect their diving and protect marine life.

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