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Get ready to protect the turtles...

This MidLifer takes in a spectacular bucket list moment...yep, we're going to focus on turtle conservation and, fingers crossed, we will see a few babies doing their first 'run for the sea'.

But, in addition to the turtle excitement, we will also take you inland to explore the famous cloud forests and the flora and fauna within. Be prepared for a hearty trek - first one to see a sloth gets a prize - before we throw ourselves down the longest jungle zip-wire in the world, embracing the ‘pura vida’ of this stunning and friendly country.

But to make it a perfect MidLifer we will include some gentle yoga or adrenaline surfing at the hip beach-side town of Santa Teresa.

Venture off the beaten track to help with turtle conservation, explore the famous cloud forests and help local kids to surf on one of the best surf beaches in the world.

Trip Itinerary

During a 8-day/9-night itinerary you will explore the cloud forests and contribute to invaluable turtle conservation and a community surf day.

Day 1 + 2

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Welcome to Costa Rica and the cloud forest

Depending on our time of arrival we will either stay the night in San José or start the drive to up into the cloud forest.

Brace yourself for a 4 hour journey into the heart of Costa Rica where we will work our way up to about 4,662 ft (1,440 m) to find Monteverde, an area famous for its cloud forests, coffee plantations, monkeys, mist and friendly locals.

Here we will stay in the town of Santa Elena which is small and quaint, filled with tasty restaurants and folksy artisan shops, and from here dive into the cloud forest to see what we can find...

The following morning we will be up bright and early with our trusty guide to take us into the hanging bridges of the Monteverde Reserves - utterly stunning and provides a birds eye view of what lives within.

Just so you know, the cloud forest is home to more than 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, tens of thousands of insect species, and over 2,500 varieties of plants, 420 of which are orchids alone. Simply stunning, so get your binos ready.

Hot and sweaty, but so worth it.


Here we will stay at the St Elena Hostel, in dorm style, dulux rooms. Bathrooms, with hot showers.


Breakfast only.

Day 3

Highlands of Monteverde Adventure Day

Adrenaline day...

A day to test your bravery radar in the 'adventure capital' of Costa Rica.

Brace yourself - today is the day to link up and head out on the longest zip wires in the world...scary BUT utterly exhilarating. We all managed it last year as the guides are so kind and supportive. Exit points throughout... just in case!


St Elena Hostel, in dorm style, dulux rooms. Bathrooms, with hot showers.


Breakfast only.

Day 4 + 5 + 6

Cirenas Turtle Conservation

A bucket list moment...

Cirenas is a local NGO that works in a number of areas around Costa Rica to protect beaches, turtles, forests and rural communities. They would love us to help at their Sea Turtle Conservation Project just along the coast from Santa Teresa.

Protect and conserve
Your time here will be spent helping protect the eggs and hatchlings of the Olive Ridley, Black Turtle, Hawksbill and Leatherback species, who visit this ‘semi-intensive’ nesting beach at night to nest. Typical jobs will include hatchery maintenance, beach cleaning and night patrols to look for turtle activity.


Here we stay at the Cirenas' volunteer house which is functional but basic. Expect flushing loos and cold showers.


3 meals a day provided.

Day 7

Santa Teresa Surfing with the kids

Community Surf lessons

Our host in Costa Rica lives in Santa Teresa and is very involved with the immigrant children from Guatemala who live opposite him and the main volunteer base he runs. Every week he gets the kids to come to his house where the gappie volunteers teach them to read, write and swim. Once a month he organises a surf fun day for these kids where he gets the local surf instructors to help teach them to surf safely so they can take advantage of beaches on their door step. This involves a beach picnic, games and crashing waves. A great community activity.

Polished off with ...
Chris's famous coconut sundowners. Got to be done.


or similar depending on availability


Breakfast only.

Day 8

Playa Carmen Explore + adventure

Day of rest

Morning Yoga
Santa Teresa is the coolest hangout for yoga, healthy living and surfing - seriously, there are more smoothy bars on the beach strip then you can shake a stick at. So - to fully embrace the beach vibe we have arranged for you to nip down to the yoga beach to stretch it all out with the sound of crashing waves around you. Utter heaven. There are advanced and beginner daily classes, as well as some speciality classes, offered by their certified instructors, and for those in the know, it is predominately Vinyasa yoga.

So much you can do, such as a quad bike tour, horse riding along the beach, spa treatments, great shopping or of course it is possible to do absolutely nothing ...


Tropico Latino Hotel.


Breakfast only.

Day 9

Departure Day Head home

After an action packed 9 days it will time to head home. The plan is to fly out on a little plane from Santa Teresa straight to San Jose. It's a stunning flight and a great way to end the journey.


Breakfast only.

Trip Details & Costs

This MidLifer to Costa Rica starts on 25th February for 8 nights, 9 days.

We can only take 12, so I am afraid it will be on a first come, first served book away...see the big book button.

Any questions email me at:

February 2020

2020: 25 Feb


Single room - £2150
Cloud Forest + Turtles
2020: £2150

Double Room - £1950
Cloud Forest + Turtles
2020: £1950

Beach bliss

Bliss. We will start our journey on one of the world's best surf beaches.

Turtle conservation

Be part of the conservation effort to protect the turtles of Costa Rica.

Cloud forest exploration

Experience exploring one of the world's greatest eco-systems.

Surfing & yoga

Big part of the lifestyle here. Got to try both.

Time in, Time out

The itinerary will follow its plan but we promise there will be time for you to chill and do your own thing.

MidLifer Favourites

  • Surfing
  • Whale and dolphin watching.
  • Horse riding through the forest or along the beach.
  • Coastal quad bike tours.

Jakera, Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica trip is coordinated by the dynamic Chris Patterson who together with his wife, family and team have created the Jakera Jungle Surf Camp on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Chris has run travel and Spanish courses since the 1990s and has become increasingly passionate about the crisis of plastic waste in our waters and the damage it is doing. Seeing dolphins and turtles time and time again, washed up on the shoreline wrapped up in discarded fishing nets was enough for him to jump into action.

Chris now welcomes volunteers (gappers) into his home and MidLifers into the hotel next door, who will help him with his ongoing conservation and community projects.

He has set up village recycling stations and organises rubbish collections. He encourages supermarkets to stop using plastic bags and the local beach bars to not use plastic drinking straws. These simple initiatives will help enforce the message and give a practical meaning to the bigger picture. Community beach clean-ups are also now part of everyday life and blue flag awards are being handed out.

Chris has also built a great relationship with Cirenas – one of the leading NGOs tackling the plight of the turtles on the Pacific coast. They now welcome our volunteers into their program as they consistently turn up and enthusiastically get stuck in.

Chris will deliver us a brilliant off-grid trip, using his inside knowledge.

Leaper's Highlights

Have a read of what our Leapers have been getting up to...

Painting signs, recycling and turtles Lucy Dickens

Turtle hatcheries, surfing, yoga and more Emily Dinovo

Tyre garden, hot springs and reforestation Maya Sanden

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Costa Rica

Volunteering at the Turtle Sanctuary

Costa Rica

Feeding the 5,000

Costa Rica

Helping to prevent litter bugs

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