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Leap Programme + Backpacking Advice Hub

The Double Whammy

Finding the right gap year travel experience for you is key to what we do, so we spend time to understand your aspirations, fears and dreams to best match your expectations and provide you with a fulfilling journey on every level.

We can help both the team and the independent traveller through our team programmes, our Backpacking Advice hub or a combination of both. What we are currently experiencing is that many Leapers choose to start their gap year journey with a Leap programme which enables them to hit the ground running, travel off the backpacker trail and contribute to planet-protecting places. After this, the Backpacking Advice Hub membership will support an independent travel phase through gap year planning consultations, backpacker itineraries and 24/7 emergency back-up - providing two different yet enriching experiences.

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Leap Programme
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Leap programmes - how they roll....

Starting your gap year travel on a Leap programme gives you a gentle start, so you can relax in safe hands. The chance to ‘give something back’, contribute positively to communities and conservation, and share the experience with like-minded people of your age. These people will likely become friends for life and, crucially, friends to travel with after your Leap programme. You are under our care from the moment you arrive, you’ll get right into the project work and adventure activities with busy days and lots of time to socialise and have fun, avoiding the typical aimless drift that independent travellers first experience.

Our programmes allow you to gain confidence and local awareness knowing that if anything goes wrong we are on hand 24/7 to help look after you. After you complete your Leap you will be in a great position to travel with your new friends for another 2-3 months, confident in your abilities and country savvy.

Anecdotal feedback from many people over the years gives us the confidence to say that those who choose no project work and just travel often remark that they felt they missed out on the benefits provided by participating in a structured programme (at least for 4+ weeks). They spent a lot of time drifting and report that independent travel is not as cheap or stress-free as anticipated (endless hostels, moving, transport, dealing with incidents on their own, etc).

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The Backpacker Advice Hub - what's it all about?

On the back of talking to many a gapper and their family throughout the last twenty years, we realised that there was a need to share our travel expertise.

This ‘need’ led us to setting up our Backpacking Advice Hub, a centralised knowledge hub where travellers can access itineraries, hot off-the-press travel advice, and our global network of contacts. By signing up you’ll have access to all of this, plus the amazing Milly, who will get you travel-ready. Backpacking Advice Hub membership is automatically included for those who do a Leap programme.


Start with a travel consultation with Milly to discuss your itinerary.


Access backpacker itineraries and off-grid travel ideas.


Access our flight team, gap year insurance and 24/7 backup.


Access overseas contacts and travel opportunities who have been vetted by us.

Motivated volunteers

With everything set in place it is now up to you to make this what you want… we need you to embrace the challenges ahead to make a difference and give something back. In our experience, if you head off with the following Leap values in mind, you can’t but help to have a rewarding experience.

Leapers need to be mobile and reasonably physically fit to enjoy and complete the programme and activities. The programme itinerary describes the projects and facilities. A detailed description of the challenges and capabilities required (eligibility criteria) to consider a programme is available in the 'My Leap' account. If you have any questions please let us know.

Our Leap Values:

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