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All in the detail

Finding the right program for you is key to what we do, so we spend time to understand your aspirations, challenges, fears and dreams to best match your expectations and provide you with a fulfilling journey on every level. We do this through honest conversation and detailed planning so you are best placed to be a dynamic volunteer, learning and growing through your journey.

Your well-being and personal development is important to us. We believe everyone has potential, is valuable and can make a meaningful contribution to the wider community or environment. By participating in one of our teams you will be able to connect and support deserving projects overseas which in turn will bring about personal rewards as there is nothing more powerful as helping others. Our programs will also provide a platform to reflect on cultural attitudes and values so you will be able to see and effect the challenges our project co-ordinators face.

Honest Conversation
Detailed Planning
Motivated Volunteers

What sets us apart

How we differ from our competitors

Our programmes combine a unique mix of multiple locations and project opportunities within one program, with a broad focus: global warming, climate change, plastic oceans, conservation, community and language skills. We specialise in mixed team travel (typically 8-20 per team) for 4-6 weeks. We provide a high quality of care, base Leapers in a Leap house, with leaders on site and good quality home cooked food.

Our competitors typically place volunteers on their own with a local family home stay, eating the same food as the family, usually with a ‘rep’ based elsewhere. They focus on one project in one location, with people choosing different lengths of time, so people come and go.

Watch this quick video so you can meet us, hear about how we set ourselves apart and our covid travel experience.

Detailed planning, responsible travel, soft skills

Our program research and planning is at all times guided by our responsible travel principles to give you a program which 'has the feel good factor' for all involved and the means to learn about teamwork, self-motivation, flexibility, budgeting, resilience, planning, overcoming challenges and communication.

We listen

We have long-term partnerships overseas, working together on sustainable, evolving projects.

We constantly review, mindful that our projects are always needed.

We contribute

Approximately 65% of the program cost is spent overseas on staff, food, accommodation and project materials.

Where possible we contribute to the local economy. Read more.

We respect

Our volunteers are briefed on how to respect the environments and communities they will work amongst.

Issues such as religion and local do's and don'ts are covered at each phase.

We protect

All volunteers are briefed on how to protect their environment, the wildlife and conserve natural resources.

Most foodstuffs are bought locally and we never replace local jobs.

Motivated volunteers

With everything set in place it is now up to you to make this what you want…we need you to embrace the challenges ahead to make a difference and give something back. In our experience if you head off with the following Leap values in mind, you can’t but help to have a rewarding experience.

Leapers need to be mobile and reasonably physically fit to enjoy and complete the program and activities. The program itinerary describes the projects and facilities. A detailed description of the challenges and capabilities required (eligibility criteria) to consider a program is in the My leap account. If you have any questions please let us know.

Our Leap Values:

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